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Creative Industry Leader
Creative Industry Leader
Manufacturer of State-of-Art High Quality Paperboard Pressing and Plastic Milling Machines
KarajSanat, Creative Industry Leader
KarajSanat, Creative Industry Leader
Exports to Iraq, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Armenia, etc

KarajSanat co, Manufacturer of carton press machine and Plastic Milling Machines

We are a leading company in this field and provide high-quality recycling machines to our customers.

Our company is established to produce and supply recycling machines. We effort to be able to provide fast track service and produce high-quality products that our costumers deserve.

Valid Company=Best Quality

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تولید انواع دستگاه پرس کارتن کرج صنعت
دستگاه پرس کارتن و پت
دستگاه پرس کارتن و حلب
پرس کارتن
پرس کارتن کرج صنعت
پرس کارتن و پت کرج صنعت


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Why KarajSanat?

With a full fleet of state-of-art equipment in the field of producing and commissioning waste carton press machines, iron pressing machines, plastic pressing machines, tin pressing machines, gunny pressing machines, plastic sheet pressing machines, cardboard pressing machines, paper pressing machines, Runny can pressing machines, soft drink bottle pressing machines, and plastic and pet pressing machines is ready to design and manufacture the industrial machinery by the respected customers’ order.

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